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Maria Teresa de Filippis

Lella Lombardi Signed program Dutch GP 1975 in which she finished as 14th

Giovanna Amati

Davina Galica

Desire Wilson

A very young Desire Wilson. At that time she was already very fast

Women in the F1

So far only 2 women have succeeded in getting a place on the starting grid of an F1 race which counteds for the F1 World Championship.

The first one was.
Maria Teresa de Filippis, she had 3 starts in 1958 and was driving a 2.5 litre Maserati. Her best result was a 10th place at the Belgian GP.

The second one was.
Lella Lombardi, she had 12 starts. In 1975 she became the first woman to finish in the top six of a GP, she got 0.5 points, because of the fact that the GP was shortened.

Other women trying to get a place on the starting grid, but without success were:
-- Divina Galica (1976+1978)
-- Giovanna Amati (1992)
-- Desire Wilson (1980)
Desire Wilson was the very first women to win an F1 race. It was a race in the Aurora F1 Championship