The 2006 Le Mans car of the only team with 3 ex-F1 drivers. Lammers-Johansson and Yoong Lammers was Le Mans winner in 1988

f1-autographs.nl as sponsor of the 2006 Le Mans car of: Lammers-Johansson and Yoong. Now my website name is F1autographs.nl

Lotterer - Fässler - Treluyer Le Mans winners 2011 and 2012

Rockenfeller - Bernard - Dumas Le Mans winners 2010

David Brabham Le Mans winner 2009 Meeting Silverstone 2009 during F1 tests

Tom Kristen 8x Le Mans winner. Additional text - in Danish Victory nr 9 Le Mans winner 2013-2008-2005-2004-2003-2002-2001-2000-1997

Frank Biela Le Mans winner 2007-2006-2002-2001-2000

Allan McNish Le Mans winner 2013+2008+1998

Seiji Ara Le Mans winner 2004

Joachim Winkelhock Le Mans winner 1999

Manuel Reuter Le Mans winner 1996+1989

Masonori Sekiya Le Mans winner 1995 Ook getekend door Toshio

Hurley Haywood Le Mans winner 1994-1983

Geoff Brabham Le Mans winner 1993

Derek Warwick Le Mans winner 1992

Johnny Herbert - Le Mans winner 1991. Also signed by his father and mother

John Nielsen Le Mans winner 1990

Andy Wallace - Le Mans winner 1988 together with Jan Lammers and Johnny Dumfries

Loic Duval - Le Mans winner 2013 samen met Tom Kristensen en Allan McNish

Lotterer - Fässler - Tréluyer. Winners of Le Mans 2014 - Audi (team Joest)

Earl Bamber - Le Mans winner 2015 together with Nico Hulkenberg and Nick Tandy. Photo Peter 2008 A1 Zandvoort

Uploaded with minimum 1 teammember for the Le Mans period 2013-1988. In 1988 Jan Lammers (The Netherlands) won Le Mans. 
The autographs are not always signed on Le Mans photos or on a correct period photo.

Autographs of Le Mans winners - Period 1950 until 2015
In my collection of the winning Le Mans teams I have the autographs of (almost) all the winning team members. Only a few are missing but from every winning team I have at least 1 autograph (but mostly 2 or all 3)
pecial attention for the first two photos of this album they show the 2006 Le Mans car of Jan Lammers, Stefan Johansson and Alex Yoong (all ex F1 drivers). I was one of the sponsors - see my website name
on the car
(in that time my website was still: f1-autographs.nl)